2 Years Later

My dearest brother Mikey, I feel so lost and sad,

If you were only here, it wouldn't hurt so bad,

As you probably know, the family has all split,

It makes me feel so low, and somehow want to quit,

I love mum very mum, and dad and Paul too,

I also love Nicky, and will always love you,

I know if you were here now, you would brighten up my life,

Oh god, if there is a way, please tell me how,

I know you would like Nicky, and I know he would like you,

I wish you's could meet, it would be a dream come true,

Sometimes I feel alone, and sometimes I feel sad,

Nicky is always there, of this I am glad,

The rest is all muddled up, and I don't no anymore,

I feel like a poor pup, that's been left at the door,

I wonder who am I, and where do I belong,

And I know how hard I try, it's an everlasting song,

Nicky makes me happy, and I know I should be glad,

But I feel thee is something missing, and maybe that why I am sad,

I waited at the engagement party, expecting you to waltz in,

But I know it could never be, as life is just a sin,

For I wished everybody, could see you still as I do,

And I wish for that special day, for my dreams to come true,

On my wedding day, I wish you could be there,

Just to show everybody, that we still care,

So if you are there, and you can still hear,

Let us have this day, for all of us to share..