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DAA are one of the recipients of the prestigious Queen's Award 2012.

This award recognises volunteer led organisations providing services that meet the needs of people living in the community.

This is a fantastic achievement for us all and DAA would like to thank our volunteers for their wonderful efforts.


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Evening counselling appointments are now available.

We also offer Skype/telephone counselling for clients unable to come to DAA.
Please call the office for information.


DAA  2017 Training Programme

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Lena’s Story

My name is Elena but you can call me Lena

That is how I always introduce myself to people that I’ve not met before and that is how I felt for a large part of my adult life I was known as one person but actually underneath it all I was something totally different.

When you have been physically and emotionally abused for a large part of your childhood and adult life you forget who you really are because you have spent such a long time being someone that you are not, to the point that you start believing all the things that you have been taught by your abuser.

Counselling is a way of opening your eyes to the possibilities that there is a better life out there for you and slowly and surely without even knowing it through the power of talking you will begin to heal yourself because that is the only way it will happen is if you believe in yourself going against all that you have been taught through abuse.

It is not easy this path of self healing your counsellor is there to help guide you and support you through those final initial sessions through the tears of grief and anger that you feel and believe me you will feel all of those emotions and more as the weeks go by, you will even question the sanity of embarking on this long and painful road of grieving.

If you had said to me in the very beginning of my counselling that I would be here now 15 months down the line writing about my counselling experience and the fact that I feel so at peace with myself and my life in general I would of laughed at you and said “No way could I ever feel that way”, especially as I was at the point in my life where I had a nervous breakdown and wanted to take me own life 15 months earlier.

The most important thing is that at my lowest point in my life there was still someone deep down in me that wanted to live not only for myself but also for my wonderful husband and children who I love dearly the child that is still deep down inside me that I thought had been crushed along with all those hopes and dreams that I had all those years ago as a child were in fact still there just waiting to be let out.

The most important thing that I have learnt from this process is that there is only one person who can heal you and that is yourself. DAA are there to support you throughout this process without any judgement or preconceived ideas as to how you should do this they leave that bit entirely down to you!