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DAA are one of the recipients of the prestigious Queen's Award 2012.

This award recognises volunteer led organisations providing services that meet the needs of people living in the community.

This is a fantastic achievement for us all and DAA would like to thank our volunteers for their wonderful efforts.


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Evening counselling appointments are now available.

We also offer Skype/telephone counselling for clients unable to come to DAA.
Please call the office for information.


DAA  2017 Training Programme

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Linda’s Story

I was sexually abused as a child from 9 – 16 and was in complete and utter denial up to four years ago. I have only just in the last year admitted to myself that what happened to me was abuse. I was given 8 weeks of counselling on the NHS by my GP. This was not at all helpful as it takes me a long time to open up, trust someone and also it was the first time for me that I was talking about it. The 8 weeks was all I could have and I had only scratched the surface and begun to feel semi comfortable, when it had to end. Also although my counsellor was a professional she didn’t understand my pain, confusion and the many other complex issues surrounding abuse.

When I found DAA (by being recommend by my NHS counsellor) and had my 1st session, I came out and burst into tears in the car, at last I had found someone who understood completely my situation, understands how horrible it is to talk about and would be able to help me and who wasn’t going to cost a fortune.

The DAA is a godsend!! Someone who knew exactly what I had been through, almost without me having to say it and when, in my sessions, I explain how I’m feeling/reacting and ask “Does that make sense?” I get “Yes, that does and it does because…”, which is incredibly reassuring and helpful.

I started with DAA in October 08 and it has helped through their specific, specialised, sensitive and completely understanding approach. Through the sessions I am realising the past and present emotionally shattering impact of the abuse, dealing with all of these incredibly painful issues in a comfortable and unpressurised environment and very slowly beginning to rebuild my life.

It is through being with them that I have felt able and stronger enough to apply and secure a full time job since being with DAA. (I have not had a proper job for over 2 years).

In relation to whether I could have accessed the help anywhere else, the answer is no. There was the option of a private counsellor (but they cost £60 min an hour in my area), which there was no way on earth I could pay. Having £0.00 due to not had a proper job for over 2 years, so I could not access it. DAA asks for an anonymous donation according to your means, but doesn’t force you to donate something each session and will take you on even if have minimal means.

To me they are truly an all encompassing life saving charity.