Mikey’s Poem

I had a brilliant big brother, not just like any other,

I loved him very much, and cared for him as such,

He was always free and happy, just like a baby in a clean nappy,

He always wore a smile, that was as beautiful as the Nile,

Then one very sad day, my brother past away,

I was all alone, without the brother I loved,

When I soon had grown, I missed the brother I loved,

It was like losing half myself, I was lost like a flower on a shelf,

I never knew he was down, as he never stopped fooling around,

I miss him very much, and need his caring touch,

I shall never forget the last words he said to me, when he left our home very unhappy,

I got a final kiss, as if in bliss,

He told me he would always love me, no matter what should happen,

And that's what hurts so bad, as he left me very sad,

I think of my brother everyday, in a special kind of way,

And no matter what people say, it will always be that way,

There was a breaking in my heart,

That Mikey and I should part,

This breaking only he can mend,

But he will never be able to attend,