Sleepless Nights

There is a lot of sad songs, that do come to mind,

But there isn't one that belongs, to this broken heart of mine,

For I cannot sleep no more, the pain is far to great,

I wish they would open the door, of those pearly gates,

For my eyes are sore, from crying all night long,

I soon shall have no tears no more, as I am nearly gone,

I am nearly gone up the twist, my head is blowing a fuse,

I feel like a little crisp, that snaps by the blues,

When I get the blues, my head goes round and round,

I also get confused, I scream but make no sound,

There is a scream deep inside, that just cannot get out,

It seems it's there to hide, as I won't scream and shout,

Shout out how I feel, let the pain slide away,

For this is really real, I think it intends to stay,

For my heart is breaking, and I cannot explain why,

It's like the earth is shaking, a very loud but useless cry,

Why'd do we have to go on, and pretend to be glad,

When all that was there is gone, and we want to be sad,

Sad as in getting drunk, leave your worries behind,

It's like the ship that's sunk, no good to man-kind,

They say it can only get better, it can't get any worse,

But it's like a rotten letter, that carries around a curse,

Well I am getting tired, I have let my feelings show,

Maybe I need re-wired, as I am getting slow,

Slow just like a record, that makes you want to cry,

So believe me of your accord, just ask yourself why,

Why'd you feel so blue, do you really know,

Well it's up to you, to let your feelings show,

Maybe then you will have no pain,

And feel your falling apart,

Because no-one ever stands to gain,

When you've got a broken heart...